EST cSNP Project

Using assembled EST contigs, we identified 201 candidate single nucleotide polymorphisms in the coding regions (cSNPs) of 165 human genes. ESTs from 50 different cDNA libraries were assembled into contigs. A subset of contigs representing the complete coding regions of 850 genes were scanned for high quality substitutions.

Currently this web site gives the following information on 201 candidate cSNPs: genes showing these cSNPs (mRNA accession number), gene name, codon position from start codon (Codon pos), base change with 30 bps on both sides of the SNP (Base change), amino acid change, type of amino acid change (synonymous/non-synonymous), list of ESTs and library confirmation (multiple (M) or Single(S)),reference for the known polymorphisms/conflicts (Ref). The list of cDNA libraries cDNA libraries is also available.