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Molecular Diversity and Epidemiology of Common Disease (MDECODE)

MDECODE is a multidisciplinary and multinational project created to gain a greater understanding of the type and amount of human DNA sequence variation, its history, and the relationship of its contemporary organization to the continuous distribution of measures of human health among individuals in the population at large (such as blood pressure or plasma cholesterol levels).

Genomics Population Genetics Genetic Epidemiology
Debbie Nickerson
Josh Smith
Scott Taylor
University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Ken Weiss
Malia Fullerton
Anne Buchanan
Penn State University, State College, PA

Andy Clark
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Charlie Sing (Project Director)
Sharon Kardia
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Alan Templeton
Washington University, St. Louis

Population Resources
Eric Boerwinkle
U. of Texas Health Science Center,
Houston, TX
Steve Turner
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
Jari Stengärd
Erkki Vartiainen
Veikko Salomaa
National Public Health Institute
Helsinki, Finland